birds eye view of a rolling field of crops

Farm Management

We provide Farm Management Services across 15 states.

Working alongside local farmers, agricultural experts, and leaders, we invest in communities, not just land.

We purchase our materials locally and employ local contractors to complete maintenance and capital improvement projects on our farms. To date, we have reinvested over $75 million dollars back into our properties.

States we own land in, colored by acreage

500 gradation from light green to richer green 75,000

star locations of Oak River Farms offices

Food imagery is representative of one of the primary crops grown in each region.




“Leasing land from an entity like Oak River Farms gives us the ability to have a company that wants to not only invest in new land but also invest in the land they own themselves. This past year Oak River Farms improved a gravity farm by adding two new Reinke irrigation systems. With the addition of the new sprinkler system, our operation is more efficient with water usage and time.”

– Luther Family Farms, Oak River Farms tenant in South Central Nebraska


“Oak River Farms has been a catalyst to our operation, pushing us to become more efficient and sustainable every year and supporting those efforts through investments in precision land leveling, underground pipe, tail water recovery systems, automated irrigation, automated grain drying systems and access to data and experts in any of these fields.

Oak River Farms refuses to accept “industry standard” as enough. They consistently show a desire to become the most viable landowner possible. This was proven on a personal level when they offered scholarships to the children of employees and tenants. The Oak River Farms family I deal with on a day-to-day basis are real world people who have a means to make good things happen.”

– Costello Farming Partnership, Oak River Farms tenant in Northeast Louisiana